How Do You Support Me?

FRSTeam provides comprehensive support to help you thrive in a contents restoration business

FRSTeam was founded as a family business, and that sense of family is still present in everything we do. From the way we treat the homeowners we serve with dignity and compassion, to the way we form long-lasting relationships with insurance carriers, and most importantly, by supporting our franchise owners as if they were a member of our own family.

Because the majority of our franchise owners have zero experience in the contents restoration industry prior to franchising with FRSTeam, we have designed one of the most comprehensive training & ongoing support platforms in the entire industry.

Supporting our franchise owners looks like:

  • Technical expertise
  • Cutting edge marketing support
  • Business development coaching
  • In-person training
  • Field support
  • How to hire and train salespeople
  • Access to national accounts

“We have a really robust training program that covers every aspect of the FRSTeam business model,” says Haley Bliss, National Account Manager with FRSTeam. “Not only do we help our franchise owners master the services we deliver to homeowners in need, but we also provide support with how to market effectively, how to hire and train sales professionals to win new business, and we also provide access to national accounts that help our franchise owners grow.”

Our national accounts program helps you grow your business

supporting our franchise owners contents restoration

One of the biggest questions every new FRSTeam franchise owner asks is, “How do I get jobs?”

As one of the leading contents restoration companies in the nation, FRSTeam has built an incredible reputation in the industry and developed long-lasting relationships that directly benefit our franchise owners. In fact, FRSTeam has over 50 national accounts that provide claim opportunities which help our franchise owners grow their businesses.

We have an entire team dedicated to winning national accounts. As we grow across the country, we will continue to add more.

“We’re always working to win national accounts on behalf of our franchise owners,” Bliss says. “This is a huge advantage, as our franchise owners get to capitalize on our strong reputation within the industry. We have the groundwork already established for new franchise owners to come in and build businesses that make a tremendous, lasting difference.”

You’re joining a brand that shares your values

supporting our franchise owners values

At FRSTeam, we take pride in the fact that our franchise owners truly embody a sense of family, openness, collaboration, and exceptional services.

Our family values are best described in our mission statement:

  • F: Family.
  • I: Integrity
  • R: Responsibility
  • S: Satisfaction
  • T: Technology

“Our franchise owners are passionate about helping people, and in turn, we’re passionate about helping our franchise owners,” Bliss says. “Everyone in the FRSTeam franchise family is an incredible person and believes wholeheartedly in what we’re doing. We’re all here to support each other, and it truly creates an amazing culture that’s shared across our entire organization.”

The Empower Brands advantage

FRSTeam is owned by Empower Brands, one of the leading franchisors in the nation, with several national brands and hundreds of locations open across the U.S. Empower Brands is passionate about entrepreneurship and an open culture of collaboration that puts the success of our franchise owners first.

“We wake up everyday to support our brands,” says Scott Zide, CEO of Empower Brands. “We show up everyday to support Holly Murry, President of FRSTeam, and help deliver growth and sustained success. We’re passionate about integrity of relationships and quality of service – that’s the IQ behind our brands. We’re passionate about improving unit economics, supporting our franchise owners, and helping them grow their businesses.”

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