How Big is the Demand?

Every year, billions of dollars are lost to property damage, and the demand for contents restorations grows

Climate change is felt across all four corners of the United States. From wildfires in the west, to severe storms and flooding on the Gulf Coast and the eastern seaboard, millions of homeowners are at risk of property damage. With property damage comes property restoration services. This is why the growing risk of natural disaster means an increase in demand for FRSTeam franchises.

In fact, CNBC reports ⅓ of all homeowners are at high risk of a natural disaster.

Unsurprisingly, this translates into billions of dollars of property damage every year – and it’s only getting worse. According to the NOAA, “2020 was a historic year of extremes”. More property damage was totaled than any other year on record thus far.

demand for FRSTeam property damage infographic

“There were 22 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters across the United States, shattering the previous annual record of 16 events, which occurred in 2017 and 2011,” reports. “The billion-dollar events of 2020 included a record 7 disasters linked to tropical cyclones, 13 to severe storms, 1 to drought, and 1 to wildfires. The 22 events cost the nation a combined $95 billion in damages.”

One catastrophic event can change thousands of lives overnight

These are the people that FRSTeam excels at helping.

“People are always going to need our help,” says Holly Murray, Brand President of FRSTeam. “Our mission is to exemplify heartfelt care and concern by offering innovative products and services to help support and restore the lives we serve. As a full service contents restoration company, we’re able to help a wider group of people who need our help. Our commitment to helping is real and genuine. It’s felt not only in our organization, but also in the carriers we contract with and the homeowners we serve.”

Why contents restoration is the preferred choice of homeowners

Take a look around your house and imagine what it must feel like to lose everything around you. The items that are sentimental, such as wedding photos or souvenirs from family vacations, to practical items such as your favorite clothes or your espresso machine, your childrens’ video game console, or your living room sofa.

FRSTeam franchise owners restore these items to their pre-damaged condition. In the process, we give homeowners’ the ability to get their lives back and move on from a disaster.

“We have tremendous empathy for the families we serve. We can prioritize what they need to get their lives back on track immediately,” says Holly Murry, President of FRSTeam. “For example, if they need a suit for work, or if they need their childrens’ school uniforms, we can get them these items back right away. Our compassion is what helps these families feel like they’re not alone – because they aren’t alone. We’re actively on their side, and we will work to restore all of their items back to a pre-damaged state. It’s very emotionally rewarding work.”

Why insurance carriers love to work with FRSTeam

Because FRSTeam is a full-service contents restoration company that specializes in restoring those items affected by water, fire, smoke, and mold, FRSTeam has built a notable reputation with insurance companies.

“The concept of contents restoration is really important from an insurance carriers’ perspective,” Murray says. “Carriers really want to deal with one vendor for a multitude of the service offerings for a homeowners’ house. It reduces the complexity of the claim, and it makes life a lot simpler for both the homeowners. Restoring those items is cheaper than the carrier writing a check for those items, so it represents a huge cost savings for the carrier, and the homeowner gets their things back. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Our ability to consistently deliver time and time again for our homeowners is the reason why FRSTeam has won relationships with more than 50 national accounts. These accounts directly benefit our franchise owners, as they provide claim opportunities our franchise owners would not have had access to on their own.

We also assist FRSTeam franchise owners with developing their local sales staff to win accounts in their territories. FRSTeam has more than a decade of living up to our promises. We face little competition, so the opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for contents restoration is enormous.

Ready to open a FRSTeam contents restoration franchise?

“If you’re an entrepreneur looking at a business opportunity that’s both recession-resistant and meets an enormous need, FRSTeam is a wise choice,” Murray says. “We’re always looking to help our franchisees grow their businesses. We have a robust sales team actively trying to win national accounts to benefit our franchisees. As we continue to grow, we continue to add more carrier accounts, and meet the demand for contents restoration.”

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