Why Dry Cleaning Business Owners Should Open a FRSTeam Franchise

Dry cleaning operators already have the equipment to run a successful contents restoration business

The dry cleaning industry is drying up. Owners of dry cleaning businesses can still have a lucrative second start by converting their businesses into a FRSTeam contents restoration location.

It’s no secret, the dry cleaning industry has been hemorrhaging for the past two decades, according to IBIS World. The industry also took a big hit by the COVID pandemic, which resulted in drastic revenue declines in 2020, not expected to rebound anytime soon.

FRSTeam contents restoration business

“The dry cleaners industry’s long-term decline is anticipated to continue over the five years, with little-to-no significant recovery from the lows experienced amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” IBIS World reported. “The industry is expected to continue hemorrhaging operators and employees, continuing its long-term decline.”

But dry cleaning owners despair not. Time and again, dry cleaning operators have opened a FRSTeam franchise and breathed new life into their business.

Easy transition

So why has the transition been so successful? For one, dry cleaning operators already have the equipment to run a successful contents restoration business. FRSTeam offers specialty and emergency dry cleaning and laundry services for fabrics and electronics damaged from smoke, fire, water and mold. Most of these calls are in the aftermath of a disaster, like fire or water damage, which is on the rise in recent years.

FRSTeam also offers a low cost to transition the business, creating several advantages for owners. The total investment needed to begin operations is between $43,375 and $409,000, significantly lower than similar competitors in the industry. And those costs may fall even lower for dry cleaning operators that already have some of the equipment in place.

And, while there is some crossover knowledge between the services we provide and dry cleaning operations, owners need not worry. FRSTeam provides comprehensive and exceptional training, with more than 60 hours on-the-job training, and nearly 50 hours of classroom training. Management also helps with all the ins and outs of marketing for your business, and offers ongoing support, including on-site visits and educational programs. And, you’ll have access to all the FRSTeam procedures, systems, and materials.

Why lie around in an industry that shows no signs of rebounding? Countless entrepreneurs have transitioned their business to thrive in a market seeing skyrocketing demand for contents restoration services. We provide support to help master the business. It only makes sense to explore opening a franchise in your community.

Convert your dry cleaning business to a FRSTeam franchise

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