Convert Your Dry Cleaning Business

Why investing in a FRSTeam franchise is a great choice for dry cleaning business owners

While dry cleaning and restoration might seem to have little in common, dry cleaning business owners are perfectly set up to thrive and prosper as contents restoration business owners.

As the owner of a dry cleaning business, you already have the equipment, facility, employees, and most importantly, the knowledge to clean items impacted by disasters.

This makes you ideally suited to become a FRSTeam franchise owner.

“The big advantage to dry cleaning business owners is that they already have the know-how, equipment, and ability to jump right in and begin operating at a high-level,” says Holly Murray, Brand President with FRSTeam. “They can plug in to our national accounts and start generating income fairly quickly. We provide the training, support, and access to national accounts that a dry cleaning business owner can really capitalize on. There’s no limit to how well you can do in this business. By franchising with FRSTeam, you’re joining a brand ready to help you every step of the way.”

Contents restoration is a recession-resistant business opportunity

It’s no secret that the pandemic upended many industries – and dry cleaning was one of the hardest hit.

According to National Public Radio, “The pandemic may be dealing a final blow to one industry: dry cleaning. The past year’s work-in-sweats norm has accelerated the decline of this mom-and-pop, and mostly immigrant industry.”

Owners of dry cleaning businesses have another option that many business owners in other industries do not. They can seamlessly convert their entire operation into a recession-resistant business.

“We’ve proven to be a recession-resistant business,” Murray says. “We’ve also proven to be pandemic-resilient. No matter what else is happening to the rest of the economy, homeowners are still going to need our services. This is something not for every dry cleaning business, but we’ve helped many dry cleaning business owners make the switch.”

We’ll help you transition your business into a contents restoration franchise

While the prospect of changing your entire business model might seem overwhelming, the majority of FRSTeam franchise owners have made the same leap from dry cleaning to contents restoration.

Our team has a proven plan to help you transition your business quickly and seamlessly. We provide robust training, technical support, cutting edge technology, marketing support, and ongoing coaching to ensure you’re meeting your goals and delivering exceptional work.

“Dry cleaning business owners are very familiar with the processes,” says Haley Bliss, National Accounts Manager with FRSTeam. “We provide comprehensive support to help dry cleaning business owners feel comfortable making the switch, as well as mastering the electronics, textile, and fabric restoration services we provide. If you’re passionate about helping people and own a dry cleaning business, FRSTeam is a great choice.”

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